Archaius Config Source Plugin

Config Source Plugin

Config Source Plugin let’s you write your own the Config-Center client implementation for the different types of Config Source.


Go-Chassis can support pulling the configuration from different types of config centers, currently there are 2 implementation available for Config-Client Plugin (Go-Archaius Config-center, Ctrip Apollo Config-center). If you want to implement any new client for another config-center then you have to implement the following ConfigClient Interface.

//ConfigClient is the interface of config server client, it has basic func to interact with config server
type ConfigClient interface {
    //Init the Configuration for the Server
    //PullConfigs pull all configs from remote
    PullConfigs(serviceName, version, app, env string) (map[string]interface{}, error)
    //PullConfig pull one config from remote
    PullConfig(serviceName, version, app, env, key, contentType string) (interface{}, error)
    //PullConfigsByDI pulls the configurations with customized DimensionInfo/Project
    PullConfigsByDI(dimensionInfo , diInfo string)(map[string]map[string]interface{}, error)

Once you implement the above interface then you need to define the type of your configClient

      type: your_client_name   #config_center/apollo/your_client_name

Based on this type you need to add the case for your custom plugin to load on Enable()

//Enable enable config server client
func Enable(clientType string) {
    switch clientType {
    case "apollo":
        InstallConfigClientPlugin("apollo", InitConfigApollo)
    case "config_center":
        InstallConfigClientPlugin("config_center", InitConfigCenterNew)
        InstallConfigClientPlugin("config_center", InitConfigCenterNew)

//InitConfigApollo initialize the Apollo Client
func InitConfigApollo(endpoint, serviceName, app, env, version string, tlsConfig *tls.Config) ConfigClient {
    apolloClient := &apolloclient.ApolloClient{}
    return apolloClient

//InitConfigCenterNew initialize the Config-Center Client
func InitConfigCenterNew(endpoint, serviceName, app, env, version string, tlsConfig *tls.Config) ConfigClient {
    configSourceClient := &memberdiscovery.ConfigSourceClient{}
    return configSourceClient

Plugin gets loaded once the chassis.Init is successful. Once the plugin is loaded then you can pull configuration using the ConfigClient

client.DefaultClient.PullConfigs(serviceName, versionName, appName, env)